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ERP Selection Support

ERP Services can help you with our selection support services given our vast experience across multiple ERP selection journeys in numerous countries. As we have faced many vendor negotiations we understand what the key elements of an ERP selection process should be and advise you in making the right decisions for your business.

ERP selections in Sri Lanka often revolve around numerous meetings, proposals, demos and negotiations. However, understating an ERP solution and the implications of engaging a partner to deploy the solution is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although many may go by a friend’s recommendation, brand popularity, or a competitor’s choice, what ‘you’ need in your business may be very unique! Given the impact across business processes and the large scale investments it is highly advisable to have a transparent process that can be held accountable. As a result when selecting an ERP it is important to have experience and support for your selection process to ensure you avoid common pitfalls and focus on what is really critical for a successful ERP investment that can last many years.

If your background is in management, finance and accounts, or in IT systems, the depth and breadth of knowledge required to assess a complex ERP solution objectively may not be there. The key success factors can often be confusing to finalize given multiple priorities and management wishes, which may not be realistic in terms of budgets and timelines.

How do you tackle these options and select the solution that matches your needs and budgets?

ERP Services can help you with our selection support services given our vast experience across multiple ERP selection journeys in numerous countries. As we have faced many vendor negotiations we understand what the key elements of an ERP selection process should be and advise you in making the right decisions for your business.

Our selection support will enable you to:

ERP Project Management

The blunt truth is that ERP deployments generally fail in the project stage more often than not. This is largely due to poor planning and lack of adequate understanding of what is happening ( download our 10 tips document which addresses the common pitfalls encountered in project environments ) In a recent survey carried out by ERP Services we found that most ERP managers of blue chip firms in Sri Lanka require assistance to manage their ERP deployments, which are seemingly never ending.

Open-ended ERP projects result in cost blowouts, lack of quality, timeline extensions all of which are indicators of a failed project environment. This is not to be confused with continuous improvement of an ERP, which occurs some time after go-live is done and the system is in a usable phase. Furthermore, there usually are no qualified ERP project professionals on the company payroll to assist with the project making it entirely the responsibility of few time poor managers, internal IT guys, and the vendor. Vendors do not typically manage change with regard to ERP deployments nor do they have the time to teach internal staff of a client on the subject of ERP.

ERP Services brings their expertise and discipline in enterprise project management to your ERP project. We have our own methodologies developed with global experience, which we apply to the client side. This enables the client to manage their ERP project professionally with minimal conflicts and budget/timeline blowouts. With professional services from us you do not have to deal with company politics or not being informed about critical project related matters, which we are aware of. Additionally, we impart our knowledge upon our clients to further enable them to manage in the future.

Leave it to the experts! Call us at 0770415387 or email us at before you choose a system or begin a project, and get the best advise and support for your ERP project early.

Change ERP

If you have outgrown your current ERP solution or are unhappy with your decision it is critical to consider changing your ERP in order for your business to move forward and grow.

It might be that your original ERP was chosen without adequate due diligence or based on a recommendation and this solution may not have suited your organization. It could also be that your solution partner has abandoned your ERP project or is unresponsive. These are common occurrences in Sri Lanka and many parts of Asia when it comes to large systems rollouts.

It is often a difficult process to undo an ERP implementation and bring in another solution altogether given the initial sunk costs and escalation of commitment and dependencies created within your organization. However, the correct approach here will ensure that you do not repeat any initial mistakes and do infact obtain the correct solution and partner for your company’s needs moving forward.

Our ERP consultancy catered to changing your ERP looks into what areas you need to pay particular attention to when changing your current ERP be it for growth purposes or lack of satisfaction. We will help you evaluate and prepare for your new ERP solution including selection support. We are also able to support you in finding a suitable partner to complete your project if that is your requirement.

Find out how to setup your selection process to ensure you have the right approach to choosing the correct ERP solution for your business.

Digital Transformation

Do you often wish you could have better ways to enable your business using digitization? Like letting your customers inquire, view inventory, & place and even pay for orders online easily?

Digitalization presents a minefield of choices from IOT, Industry 4.0, robotics, automation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, business intelligence etc. with as many suppliers all with the promise of grand improvements in efficiency and productivity. However, use cases are far and few and those who know the subject well are equally scarce.

This is not to say that you should ignore digitalization and hope that one day it works out as that is a guaranteed way of sinking your ship when you may already be taking on water!

We take the complexity out of digitalization and help you take the right steps forward!

What we enable you to do in light of digital transformation is the following:

The Sri Lankan corporate landscape is playing catch-up with digitalization as a strategic part of their core business. This has a lot to do with the understanding of how different technologies can support and/or further enhance current activities by being integrated rather than operating across silos. It is imperative that firms have a digitalization roadmap as part of the plan to enhance their core business activities.

Find out how to commence your digital journey and translate this into straightforward steps that you can transform your company with

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