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Are you running an ERP business as an implementer/system integrator or you have built and market an ERP software solution in Sri Lanka or the Asian region?

With our extensive experience in ERP solutions as a business and managing partner ecosystems across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe we are able to bring the following expertise to your ERP software business:

1. International expansion / strategic market selection / channel strategy and management support for ERP businesses
2. Product fit and vertical positioning for maximizing ERP solution sales
3. Strategic product focus areas and IP leveraging strategies for ERP
4. Optimal brand positioning for ERP and tuning of marketing strategy for maximizing ROI
5. Creating discipline behind building and sustaining standard software solutions over the long term
6. B2B enterprise software sales strategies to close deals
7. Access to global ERP experts
8. Investor evaluations and strategic negotiations in ERP
9. Customer success strategy
10. Maintenance and support contracts for ERP
11. Contract positioning for maximizing revenues and reducing risks
12. Increasing revenue by way of strategic pricing models and deal level input
13. B2B sales outreach program for ERP businesses
14. Paid media services execution

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